Asia Pacific Actuarial & Consulting Services

is Asia Pacific’s fastest growing network of independent actuarial and pensions’ consulting firms. APACS was formed in November 2015 at the same time that GLOBACS was initiated. GLOBACS is the umbrella organization that links APACS with sister networks European Actuarial & Consultancy Services (EURACS), which has members across Europe and Africa, and North American Actuarial & Consultancy Services, which has members across the USA, Canada and Mexico.

The services offered by member firms include:

  • Actuarial services for pension funds
  • Strategic investment advice for pension funds and other institutional investors
  • Strategic pensions consultancy advice for employers
  • Actuarial services for insurance companies and life offices
  • Advice on the impact of local and international pensions and insurance legislation
  • Pensions management and record-keeping
  • Mortality analysis and longevity projections